250 miles by bicycle rickshaw in “The Grey Escape”

“The Grey Escape” is an uplifting film about a group of Danish elderly people who go on a 250-mile road trip by bicycle from Denmark to Norway to deliver rickshaws to their elderly Norwegian neighbors.

The Grey Escape : Denmark to Norway by bicycle rickshaw

It’s about the power bicycles have in transforming lives. The director, Michael Dorgan, tells me his documentary elicits both tears and laughter from audiences this film as been screened for.

“The Grey Escape” highlights the good work of Cycling Without Age, an organization which works to help the elderly get back on their bicycles in spite of their limited mobility, through a romance story between Finn, 81, and Marie, age 96. Finn wants to marry Marie, but Marie thinks Finn, at 81, is far too young for her.

The Grey Escape TEASER from Go Forth Films on Vimeo.

The 28 minute film is available in Danish, Norwegian and English, with English subtitles for all non-English dialogue. Cyclelicious readers get 15% discount for limited time; enter coupon code “Cyclelicious2016” when making your purchase on Vimeo. To view online:

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