Library provides loaner locks

The San Mateo County Library in Portola Valley, CA provides loaner locks for patrons arriving by bicycle.

portola valley library loaner bike lock

With a median household income of a quarter million dollars and a median home sales price over $2.8 million, I don’t perceive bike theft is a big problem in Portola Valley. Still, it’s a nice gesture, and I think it’s a good idea for any library.

Photo courtesy of Gregory Smith of Menlo Park and used with his very kind permission.

Update: Apparently, some libraries around the nation keep bike locks stashed away, but you have to ask about them.


  1. Cool. I have secure parking at work, so never carry a lock. Such a loan would be nice for those rare days when I need to stop on my way home for something…

  2. Think of it this way, who wants to hang a big old Kryptonite D-ring on their F8

  3. that’s such a nice thing. also LOVE the translation. im in woodside once in a blue moon and there are more than a few students, day laborers and other non-pro scuba steve people around there or in a lunch power peloton. maybe im always looking out for them, anyway — the woodsdie branch has a gorgeous little garden in the back you can sit and bring your lunch to the sound of silence.

    also i dunno if it’s a volunteer firemen station or someone’s property, there are cute horses hanging out across the street. also, roberts market has a deli which is pretty affordable and good. many bikers stop there and they have an outside faucet water thing to refill your bottle/rinse your face. I haven’t been down there in a bit, but I should revisit one of these days 🙂

  4. Bike locks are also available at the Central Park library in Santa Clara.
    I wonder if anyone has made a list of which libraries in the Bay Area offer this?

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