#waroncars in Indian music video

This video clip from a Telegu language movie features an oblivious scofflaw cyclist wreaking traffic mayhem in Hyderabad, India. Watch and enjoy!

Via Jym, who writes:

=v= That video is from a movie, which you can find on YouTube, _Maryada_Ramanna_. It is in the Telugu language but you can turn on English subtitles.

=v= The story actually starts off, after a wee bit of violence, into something more like _Premium_Rush_. Our hero isn’t the fastest bike messenger in NYC, more like the slowest deliveryman in Hyderabad, and his bike has a speaking role (it’s something of a smartass). His boss tells him he needs to get a car (boo! hiss!) and we get to that wonderful music video.

=v= After that, he meets a lovely woman on a train and it turns into a remake of — I kid you not — _Our_Hospitality_ by Buster Keaton, only with music and dancing. And bikes.

Hooray for Tollywood!

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  1. Quality dancing, too. A few seconds of hardhat choreography and then some random, and pretty damn good, breaking? Wow. Thanks Jym and Richard.

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