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Kids tandem bicycle

I took this photo during my bike commute this morning: That’s a “KidzTandem” bicycle hand built by Brown Cycles of Grand Junction, Colorado. The adult controls – steering, braking and gearing – are in the back, allowing the child to pedal and enjoy viewing everything that’s coming up. The front of bike can take a read more »

Family Triplet: A bicycle built for five

The Dutch Fietsenmakerij Onderwater created this Family Triplet tandem bicycle for large families on the move.

Cinco de Mayo

  Hope you had a wonderful Cinco de Mayo! Please don’t drink and drive, because you’re sharing the road with my kids on their bikes tonight.

Cargo bike compare & contrast

There’s a nice writeup on five kid and cargo carriers at Treehugger today. They looked at the Yuba Mundo (v. 3.0), Taga trike / stroller, Stokemonkey + Xtracycle, Bakfiets, and one handmade bike — the ShuttleBug from Joe Bike in Portland, OR. After you’ve read the Treehugger article, come back here to see a few read more »

Free online bike design tool

Gizmag goes into some detail on the history and purpose of the free, online BikeCAD program and its designer, Canadian mechanical engineer and bike nut Brent Curry.

Xtracycle on Twitter

It’s very cool to see that they get it. Jeremy & Nate participate and even respond to Tweets directed to them. James is writing about cycling with kids where XtraCycle’s products and related stuff get several nods from the community. I gave my thumbs up to the Big Dummy and to the Yuba Mundo, which read more »