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Fat tire minivelo, and a carbon fiber minivelo

Erik Noren’s off-the-wall artistic mind can always be counted on to create something insanely wonderful for the North American Handmade Bicycle Show, and he doesn’t disappoint for 2016. Everyone else is talking about his electric cargo truck (he rigs a hub motor as a midmount motor, with a 7 speed hub mounted directly behind the read more »

Mail Order Minivelo

Jack “Ghost Rider” Sweeney of Bike Commuters pointed this out to me. Do you see anything funny about the ad copy for Mercier “Nano” minivelo bicycles from Bikes Direct?

Soma Minivelo

Somehow I missed Soma’s introduction of a small wheeled minivelo bike last month even though Urban Velo, John Prolly and others mentioned it, but better late than never.

Sueshiro Sano at NAHBS

Sueshiro Sano, scion of a 200 year old Japanese company that builds ocean going sailing ships, was in Denver over the weekend to show off his wooden bicycles. Among them was this mahogany minivelo road bike with 20 inch wooden wheels.

Panasonic bikes for aging adults

Panasonic announced a new, ultra low step through ebike with 20″ wheels targeted for Japan’s elderly population.

Bone frame bicycle

Sungkuk Park of Busan, South Korea as created a concept bike that might actually work as a bicycle! His minivelo bicycle design uses conventional components, but he was inspired to design a frame reminiscent of human bones, which he believes results in a strong yet lightweight structure.