Author: David

Bikes on BART’s Escalators

Bicycles are currently not permitted on escalators in BART stations. It’s always been a “safety issue.” This may soon change. Denis Cuff reported on this last Friday in the Contra Costa Times.

In the cyclists’ corner, BART board members Robert Raburn and Tom Radulovich are working to reverse the ban. BART did its own study on the “safety issue” years ago and concluded that escalators and stairs were equally safe for cyclists to use in BART stations. Despite that, the escalator ban continues. BART officials say they want to encourage people to bike to BART stations because it can increase train ridership without adding expensive parking lots, and it reduces pollution and traffic congestion.

BART, kindly put your money where your mouth is. End the escalator ban. Thank you.

Bikes on Bay Bridge Update

What wonderful weather for BTWD here in the Bay Area! Kudos to the organizations that make this day possible, and to all the positive mainstream media outlets that put this day front and center. Hats off to all who kept their cars parked and pedalled today.

We’ve come a long way, my brothers and sisters in wheels. Infrastructure, political momentum, product options, and straight-up cool factor make right now an amazing time to be a cyclist.

This article from Zusha Elinson at The Bay Citizen reminds us we still have a long way to go.

Bike Stuff in the Bay This Weekend

Looking for something to do this weekend? I have a few suggestions.

On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday,
Sheila Moon will be hosting a ‘Whimsical Warehouse Bizaarre’ in Emeryville.

I will be volunteering at a Bike Safety Class that’s being hosted by The East Bay Bike Coalition and BikeAlameda in Alameda on Saturday. This class is full, and pre-registration is required, but no worries! The EBBC is hosting six more such classes through June.

Also on Saturday is the The Red Bull Ride + Style Event in San Francisco’s Justin Herman Plaza. The event will feature more than 50 riders from fixed gear meccas San Francisco, Portland, New York, and Japan facing off in both track and freestyle competitions, with obstacles designed and decorated by local San Francisco artists.

Join me in dusting off your wool knickers for 2011’s first East Bay Tweed Ride in Jack London Square on Sunday. I haven’t been to one of these in a while, and I’m looking forward to having a smashing time. Cheerio!

Take a Seat

I don’t watch much tube. but I do watch Universal Sports for the bike racing. I try to avoid any ‘reality’ TV (not bein’ a hater, it’s just not me), but I had to make an exception for Dom Gill’s Take a Seat.

If you’ve ever been on a ride that challenged you mentally and physically, and in the end made you feel like you were capable of anything, then prepare to be humbled. I raced mountain bikes. I’ve solo cycle-toured through eighteen states and four provinces north of the U.S. border. I’ve accomplished much on two wheels, and I know what I can do on a bike. Dom is my new hero, and I am happily humbled.