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Economist: Fewer vehicle miles traveled is ruining America

The United States Federal government measures vehicle usage nationally and at the state level as “Vehicle Miles Traveled” or VMT. Instead of tracking traffic crashes, fatalities and serious injuries in absolute terms, traffic safety is generally measured in terms of VMT. Nationally, for example, we currently have fewer than 100 crashes per 100 million vehicles miles traveled, and a hair north of one fatality per 100 million VMT. It’s a great measure if you assume everybody must drive — you want to reduce your personal chances of causing injury every time you get in the car.

FedEx truck vs cars Menlo Park


Thoughts on a Santa Clara County transportation tax 2016

After the success of transportation funding measures earlier this month in San Francisco and neighboring Alameda County, the Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) in Santa Clara County began scoping out a proposal for a new transportation tax for the rapidly growing South Bay that the call Envision Silicon Valley.

San Jose / Santa Clara Bike to Work Day May 8 2014


Istanbul: More money for parking and bike lanes, bans for school buses and private corporate shuttles

Istanbul Turkey man on a bicycle

As part of a broader plan to grow the nation’s economy, Turkey’s Prime Minister Ahmet Davuto─člu introduced a proposal for congestion pricing and restrictions on school buses and private shuttle buses in Istanbul, along with plans to encourage bicycle use through the expansion of bike facilitie. The new transport plan also dedicates transit revenue for park-and-ride lots in the periphery.