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What Pedestrians and Bicyclists Want Each Other to Know

Whether you are a person who has just finished deciding which walker to choose or are a cyclist who has bought new gear and are planning to take it for a ride, the news regarding the Santa Cruz bay area may just be perfect you. The Elderly and Disabled Transportation Advisory Committee have generated educational material to help improve pedestrian safety in Santa Cruz County. They’re now working on a “What Pedestrians and Bicyclists Want Each Other to Know” flyer.

Ran across those teens again

Hey Planetizen: NASCAR racers already promote responsible driving!

VeloNews: NASCAR and bicycle safety

In an April Fools Day posting, Planetizen joked about NASCAR’s participation in the “20 Is Plenty” campaign, which advocates slower speeds and responsible driving to help keep other road users (and especially people on foot and on bike) safer.

The advertisement campaign and public service announcements will feature Matt Kenseth, driver of the 20 car for Joe Gibbs Racing. “Focusing on the number 20 is a concept I can get behind,” said Kenseth at the press conference announcing the campaign. “But when you’re driving through my neighborhood, focus on not going above 20 miles per hour. I have kids.”

Initial fan reaction has not reflected NASCAR’s sudden, surprising interest in the personal safety of automobile travelers, pedestrians, and bicyclists.


Use cases for Garmin’s new traffic radar

In case you missed it, Garmin announced their Garmin Varia rearview bike radar, which signals the rider of traffic approaching from the rear.

Garmin Varia bike radar

There’s tremendous interest in this gizmo and I’m sure I’ll see at least a few on-bike radar devices after this product launches in October, but I’m curious: what is the actual benefit of a rear radar for cyclists?