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Good life cyclist

Mike the cyclist commutes 24 miles from Centennial, Colorado to Lakewood. He recently started spreading the good word about cycling on Good Life Cyclist, where he shares all things good about riding a bicycle in Colorado.

Mike enjoys mountain biking in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. “I call the foothills my backyard playground,” he writes. “From my house I can ride 20 to 30 minutes and explore Green Mountain, Red Rocks Park, Mount Falcon and Lair Of The Bear. I loop these all together for a 40 mile training ride.”

Regarding his commute, Mike writes, “I love it – this is my main way to get in the training hours while still doing something I have to anyway (get to work) and saves gas, wear and tear on the car. However the money I have been spending on bicycle gear might balance out the gas savings.”

What is he training for?

My main cycling goal right now is to train, prepare and finish the Great Divide Race in 2008. The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route (aka GDMBR) was put together by Adventure Cycling and is the longest off-pavement bike route in the world. It crosses the continental divide a total of 27 times. Its total length is 2,490 miles starting in Montana at the Canadian border and finishing in New Mexico at the Mexican border.

The route is the longest and most challenging off road bicycle tour in the world. It is the Holy Grail of the mountain bike world. My goal is to complete it in under 20 days. The record is 15 days 4 hours and 18 minutes. Only 5 people have ever completed this in under 20 days.

Mike, as a television commercial producer, plans to record his experience of the Great Divide Race 2008 and produce a documentary. Check out Good Life Cyclist.

Almost famous

“High Five!” photo by Timothy J.

WIRED Blog linked to Cyclelicious over the weekend, which is always good for a few extra hits on the old website. Thank you to whoever forwarded that link to them.

I also really appreciate those who link to Cyclelicious. Over the past 10 days or so, you are:

Interbike is just three weeks away. I’ll be there on behalf of Tim Grahl’s Crooked Cog Network and Commute By Bike, but I’ll post plenty of yummy bike porn and updates on a daily basis here also. Watch this space for Interbike updates.

Cycle Chic

“Cycle Chick” is the clever name of Zakka’s cycling blog that shows what real transportational cycling looks like.

Bicycle blog collection

21st Century Citizen asks “Drive? or Bike?” with a bunch of “if only” conditions. “I’d bike if only there were bike lanes, if only gas were $10/gallon, if only I worked from home, if only there were more local stores, if only there were corporate leadership showing the way.” Don’t wait for Obama or Clinton or W or Halliburton to lead you by the hand, just get out and do it. Be the change you want. Via Paul.

Bicycle Design reports on the HyperBike: a huge contraption that solves a lot of non-problems.

Andreas Kloden jumps ship.

The cost of physical inactivity calculator. Via.

Dave Moulton posts another excellent article about practical cycling, this time on positioning for comfort and efficiency.

Litespeed quits blogging?

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Chris Horner and straight talk on doping in le Tour.

Sue in Chambana wants bike bloggers to brainstorm on bike product ideas. Leave a comment at her blog with your ideas.

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International Gwadzilla Blog Week!

In the world of Bicycle Blogs, Gwadzilla is king of the mountain. King Gwadzilla says vote for the Gwadzilla blog at I’m glad to give my vote to Gwadzilla! He always posts cool photos and interesting commentary about cycling in Washington, D.C.

Bicycle blog link love

I’ll mention the bicycle blogs that have linked to Cyclelicious over the past week: