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Coffee and bikes

Coffee and bikes go together like Spock and Saavik during Pon Farr.

We visited the Orbea Taipei Flagship Shop today. They have lots of really cool bikes from Orbea, Bianchi, Argon, Cannondale, Dahon, and Pacific Cycles. They also have an espresso machine — the old school kind where you grind the beans, tamp the grinds into the portafilter, then pull coffee into the cup.

Orbea shop has coffee

If you happen to schmooze the manager and buy a couple of Catlike helmets, the store manager himself might pull the shots himself.

Orbea shop has coffee

The coffee is served in cute Assos cups.

Coffee & Bikes

As you drink the coffee down, you’re encouraged to have a good ride!

Orbea shop has coffee