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Interbike 2009: Good times

The Interbike OutDoor Demo and International Bicycle Expo, held in Las Vegas Sept. 21-25, wrapped up a successful week of product demos, launches, business meetings and events while reflecting the upbeat outlook of the bicycle industry as a whole.

“The buzz of business Interbike 2009and enthusiasm on the Interbike show reflected a resilient marketplace place determined to maximize opportunities in 2010,” said Andy Tompkins, Interbike show director. “Interbike provided a critical meeting place for more than 1,100 brands to connect with thousands of buyers, media, athletes and industry professionals to share ideas, garner business education and network as a community. Combined efforts of the entire industry made the show a resounding success.”

Interbike’s week-long trade event began with buyers and media testing the latest in road, downhill, cross-country, all-mountain, electric, and commuter-style bikes and accessory categories at Interbike’s Outdoor Demo, held Sept. 21-22 in Bootleg Canyon, Boulder City, Nev. Anxious to get the real product experience with 2010 bikes and accessories, overall attendance at the two day event increased over last year.

The attendance and enthusiasm of the dealers did not go unnoticed by the majority of exhibiting manufacturers.

“It’s only noon today and I’m already pleased with how many retailers I’ve seen this morning,” said Chris DiStephano, spokesman for Chris King. “I’m amazed with how many people are here with backpacks, helmets hanging off of them, ready to ride.”

Attendees also participated in the Tour de Lake Mead, a 24 mile road ride hosted in conjunction with the Demo, boasting 394 riders, up more than 100 riders from last year.

Once in the Sands Expo and Convention Center for the indoor portion of the show, more than 22,500 exhibitors and attendees filled the hall to see products from more than 1,100 exhibiting brands.

Exhibiting brands showcased full 2010 product stories with the latest bikes, clothing and accessories. According to exhibitors, viewing products and talking with their sales staff helped retailers solidify inventory decisions for the coming year and strengthen business relationships.

“Attending Interbike is always worthwhile, especially in an environment where dealers are less likely to have all their orders finalized before Interbike,” said Shane Winn, dealer relations for Colnago. “This year – more than ever – people are coming to Interbike to touch, feel and drool over products before they write their orders.”

“I am really pleased with this year’s traffic and the number of new dealers we have been able to meet with,” said Blair Clark, senior vice president for Smith Optics. “I wish that we had brought a bigger presence and a broader product line. Our meetings with retailers confirmed the number of potential cross over markets that are represented here.”

Preliminary attendance figures show the number of unique stores represented increased to more than 4,000 and the number of total buyers increased to more than 11,300. International buyers also increased as 1,300 Interbike attendees represented 64 countries outside of the United States. The growth in stores in attendance can be attributed to the steady increase in cycling participation and to an increase in outdoor recreation, performance and ski retailers. International buyers from Canada, Mexico, China, and Australia and a growing base of dealers from central and South America bolstered buyer attendance figures.

Despite the challenges of the economy and cautious expectations going into the show, attending retailers were optimistic about the event and exhibitors’ new 2010 product offerings.

“I was very impressed with the excitement at Interbike. With the economic crisis weighing down on us I was not quite sure what to expect from the show,” said Brandon Fell from Bills Bike Shop, Idaho Falls, Idaho. “Everyone I met with had an upbeat and excited attitude about this upcoming year – the bike show for me was a recharge.”

“Our store typically attends Interbike only every three years, but boy, this was the year to break out of that cycle and attend,” said Joe Russell, Russell’s Cycling & Fitness, Washington, Ill. “Not only were we able to accomplish what we needed to but the level of excitement from both dealers and suppliers was well evidenced on the show floor. We were also encouraged by all the new product innovations from our suppliers.”

To view video coverage of the many features and events held in conjunction with Interbike including the OutDoor Demo; S&M Bikes BMX Rail Jam; Urban Legend Fashion Show sponsored by Giant, inspired and styled by Momentum Magazine; the Interbike Expo Demo Area; Cross Vegas; the USA Crits Finals and product highlights from exhibiting manufacturers, please visit

Interbike 2009: Big Bamboo

Calfee’s bamboo bikes have always been a hit at the bike shows they attend, and Brano Meres can always be counted on to do something interesting like he did with the bamboo composite bike he brought last year.

Bamboo composite

Biomega introduced their Bamboo bicycle in 2005 and they brought it to the show this year (as shown above).

One of the hits of this year’s Interbike, though, are the bamboo road bikes from startup Boo Bicycles. National Time Trial champion Nick Frey from Des Moines, Iowa just received his mechanical engineering degree from Princeton University and immediately moved to Colorado to launch his bamboo bicycle business.

Another interesting exhibitor is Kilowatt Bicycles with their flagship Bamboo Electric, an electric assist bike with a bamboo and carbon fiber frame.

Kilowatt Bikes also has non electric bamboo bikes with the Bamboo Pedal and Bamboo Mini. I particularly like the Mini bike.

Another bamboo bike that caught my attention is from Organic Bikes from Appleton, Wisconsin. They have people at Interbike but they’re not exhibiting (as near as I can tell), but I like the clean, simple design of their Dylan frame.

Photo credits: Brian at Industry Outsider; Elly Blue of Bike Portland; Organic Bikes; Boo Bicycles; Kilowatt Bikes; Richard Masoner.

Interbike 2009 photos: Trade Expo Day 1

I hope you enjoy this collection of photos from Interbike 2009 Day 1. Click on the thumbnails to go large and for attribution.

Montague Bicycles booth.

Steephill.TV talks with Tour of California executive director Andrew Messick and gets the inside scoop on the Tour of California 2010.


Steve Hed talking Aero. George Hincapie signing autographs. Eddie Merckx signing posters.

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Bike porn and products.

Bike Parking – Kryptonite Booth.

Relaj bottle. Cinelli track bike. Carbon fiber coat hanger. Colnago bicycles. Gary Fisher SuperFly. Kirk Less carbon bikes. Surly fixed gear. Boo Bicycles Bamboo bikes. Lance Armstrong’s bike. Storck Time Trial Bike. Independent Fabrications fixed gear. Showers Pass commuter jacket. Bamboo bike. Mark Cavendish’s bike “The most photographed bike at the show.” Electra Ticino. New MTB pedal from Speedplay.

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Big crowds at Cross Vegas

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Nanyang Truck Bike.

Larger photo credits: Elly of Bike Portland and Todd of Makai Bikes.

Sanyo Eneloop electric bicycle

Sanyo Eneloop electric assist bicycle: “Ene + Loop” describes “energy looping” features: regenerative charging, pedal assist bicycle.

Sanyo Eneloop electric bicycle

Sanyo launched their Eneloop ebike to the North American market today at Interbike. The Eneloop bike is expected to be available through independent bicycle dealers and specialty retailers throughout the United States beginning in November 2009, with a suggested retail price starting at $2,299.

Regenerative battery charging can be done by braking and by going downhill to extend the bike’s range.

bicycle brake lever The eneloop bike is a 26-inch, three-speed regenerative, pedal-assist hybrid electric bicycle. As such, riders can propel the eneloop bike under their own power or can engage the bike’s motor and electrical system to pedal in one of three assist modes – standard, power-up or auto – where the front hub-based motor helps the bicycle and rider travel forward.

As with similar ebikes, power and mode are selected from a handlebar mounted panel switch. The Sanyo eneloop is somewhat unique in that the bike lights are integrated with the other electronics of the bike; other ebikes tend to have lighting as a separate system if they’re included at all.

ebike switch

Sanyo Eneloop bike motor
As with most other ebikes, the power assist comes from a hub motor. The motor, mounted in the front hub, is a 250 watt DC brushless motor.

Sanyo claims the Eneloop bike motor can provide as much as twice the effort as you put into pedaling, while previous pedal assist bikes provide about a 1:1 assist ratio. A torque sensor at the rear wheel senses the pedal power and adjusts the powered wheel output accordingly.

Sanyo Eneloop electric bicycle

Some features of the eneloop bicycle:

  • 25.9 volt/5.7 Ampere-hour(Ah) lithium-ion battery
  • Charge time ~ 3.5 hours
  • Total bike weight ~ 50 pounds (about typical of hybrid ebikes)
  • Taillight brake lamp – High-intensity, flashing LED tail lamp that operates when the headlight is turned on and flashes faster when braking
  • Handlebar panel switch
  • Low frame and saddle design to allow easy step-through and mounting
  • Seat that accommodates 26-inch framing
  • Neatly-designed frame with internal cabling

Sanyo Eneloop electric bicycle

Expected riding distances:

  • Up to 17 miles in Standard Mode – no charging while riding (with the motor engaged)
  • Up to 20 miles in Power-Up Mode – regenerative charging via braking only
  • Up to 40 miles in Auto Mode – full regenerative charging

Sanyo Eneloop electric bicycle

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Interbike 2009 Day 2: Photos and links

Elly Blue of Bike Portland sez: “Booth Girls are for real.”

Booth girls are for real

Amy Walker of Momentum Magazine at Outdoor Demo Day 2.

Amy Walker of Momentum Magazine at Outdoor Demo

Bike Portland: Elly Blue’s Great Interbike Adventure

Soma Fabrications: Off to Vegas.

Sprinter della Casa: Interbike 2009 Travel.

Cyclocross Magazine: CX Goodies from Interbike 2009.

MTBR Interbike Photos.

Bicycle cops on Cannondales Vs, Lamborghini. Only in Vegas! on Twitpic

<-- Photo: Only in Vegas: Bike cops pull over a Lamborghini! Bike Biz: Better than expected crowds at Outdoor Demo.

Norcal Cycling: The Best Place In the World.

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Photo: Carlton on the Tour of Lake Mead –>

Road Bike Review Interbike Coverage.

There were 384 riders at the Tour of Lake Mead. 100 more than last year!

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