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Shortened Tour of America announced

We laughed, we mocked, we were incredulous, but the indomitable spirit of bike racing doesn’t give up. The organizers of the insanely ambitious Tour of America announced they still plan to hold a coast-to-coast race in September 2008, but they’ve decided to cut down the distance and stages.

“We realized our first plans were perhaps too ambitious and that the original race schedule didn’t fit within standard racing protocols,” said race organizer Frank Arokiasamy. They’ve decided to cut the race down to 21 stages and 2,200 miles, beginning in New York’s Central Park and winding across 18 states before finishing up in Palo Alto, California. Read more at VeloNews.

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Photo by Alex Draude is from “Shakariki Knight” (or “Trick Night”) in Okazaki Park or Takaragaike Park, Kyoto, Japan. See the photoset of Japanese boys on their fixed gear bikes.

Does anybody else have this problem? I always lose my handlebar end caps on every road bike I’ve ever owned. Is there a secret to keeping these?

My front brake lever came loose so I did this today.

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Random bicycle news

Time to catch up on some links.

Photo “Pizza delivery by bicycle” by Matty Lang and used with permission. More bicycle news below…

I have a bus haiku. It’s a true story.

       White pigeon swoops low.
Bird dodges highway traffic.
Thud on bus windshield.

CenterLines is the newsletter of the U.S. National Center for Bicycling & Walking. Here are some tidbits from the December 12 issue.

Oh, by the way, I have a Facebook account or profile or whatever you want to call it. If you know my real name feel free to look me up.

US Pacific Northwest Energy Spending Today: 0

Bicycle crimes

You can apparently use bicycles to smuggle drugs. (edited with a good link)

Bicycles are also suspected in a museum theft. Says a detective: “If I was going to do a job like this, I’d do it on a mountain bike because people don’t notice that sort of thing and when people are racing to the scene of the crime they’re looking for cars, they’re not looking for people on bikes.”

Nine banks robbed by serial robber on a bicycle. What makes this criminal especially malicious: “We think he rides a bike and ditches it and then gets in a car. We think he’s stealing the bikes.”

Pedestrian death prompts crackdown on law breaking cyclists. Just like they do when motorists kill somebody. Oh, waitaminute…

Soglin’s criminalstupidity about shooting bicyclists makes the news. When somebody blogs about shooting teachers, they get arrested. When they talk about shooting cyclists, it’s just subtle humor.

Dooring kills. Beware.

Interbike: East coast demo days?

Interbike organizers are apparently contemplating demo days on the USA east coast near Providence, Rhode Island. Interbike sent surveys to mid-Atlantic and New England retailers in November to gauge their interest in this event. Read more at Bicycle Retailer & Industry News.

More bicycle news

James has been reviewing the Strida folding bicycle.

Bicycling magazine: Gear list for 24+ hour adventure races.

Bike Commute Tips: Bike commuting for health and sanity, which includes a link to Jason’s excellent Rochester Bike Blog. Except he’s in Albany now, but never mind that.

Bike Hugger: It rained in Seattle. That deluge over the Pacific Northwest also covered Portland, Oregon in rain and wind. It’ll hit my area on Thursday.

Bike Chicago: Five winter bike commute necessities. They’re tires, fenders, lights, lube, and (since this is a shop’s blog) a winter tune up special with coupons. They also list another Top 5: Reasons why folding bikes make great Christmas gifts.

What about Cyclocross?

I need to promote this to its own article. In case I forget: The SF Bay Area Air Quality Management District distributed a memo prohibiting bicycle transportation for employees “in the course of their work duties” because “the potential for serious injury is much greater riding a bicycle than driving a car.” Grrrr….

Giro d’Italia 2008 course description. See also Steep Hill’s coverage.

PV powered EV.

Cafiend on Specialized’s Interbike publicity stunt.

A Velodrome in Orange County, California?

Singapore: Bicycle safety low hanging fruit?

Bicycle jokes that you’ve probably already heard.

Lisbon bicycle blog in Portuguese.

Bicycles in the background in these Sartorialist photos here, here, and here.

650B, Is it for me?


Sunrace Driven preview: Drool worthy photos.


Go speed racer: Over Drive is an anime series on a Japanese cyclist winning the TdF. Maybe he’s the only one who can pass the dope tests. Check this plot description: “The top racer is a Japanese boy named Shinozaki Mikoto. ‘Why dont you join our bicycle club?’ said Fukazawa, Shinozaki Mikotos secret love. Unfortunately, despite being a high school student, he doesnt know how to ride a bike. With no real idea of what the bicycle club is, he earnestly practices.” In Japanese with English subtitles.

Bicycle haiku and other bicycle blog madness

Frank has an nice winter CX baiku in Illinois. He also pointed me to a old set of baikus from last summer.

Carlton talks about “get off the road for your own safety” individuals in the Netherlands(!), India and Nazi Germany. Perhaps there’s a connection with this “bicycle neglect”. Alan makes the point that the American Automobile Association — which is a motorist lobbying group — has more than 300 times the membership of bicycling advocacy groups. He writes:

In fact, cyclists are so utterly overpowered that the motoring interests hardly even have to show up. In Olympia and Salem, according to leading cycling advocates, the trucking, development, and manufacturing industries lobby fairly heavily on transportation issues. But car manufacturers, car dealers, and auto clubs rarely flex their muscle. Says [Bicycle Alliance of Washington executive director Gordon] Black, “They don’t have to show up very often, because they know the government is doing their bidding. They don’t feel threatened. They don’t see us as a threat.”

CycleDog points us to an online driving test. I scored 95%.

Now let’s ge to the boring news: Diesel shortages in South Dakota, North Dakota (in spite of record production at the state’s lone refinery) and Iowa, where the presidential hopefuls are stumping for the January caucus. There’s even a shortage of hops for beer manufacture. The state of Connecticut plans for fuel shortages. Some French equestrians are pushing horses for transportation. And in Zimbabwe, a brand new biodiesel factory isn’t quite living up to the hype. One of the problems? Not enough feedstock to go around: the farmers have to choose between starvation or running their cars, trucks, generators and irrigation pumps.