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Discovery Channel Goes Off The Air in 2008

Starting off as the United States Postal Service Cycling Team and then turning into Team Discovery Channel, Tailwind Sports had a team to be reckoned with over the past nine Tours de France, winning eight of them (or 88.8%, a B+ by academic standards). However, being unable to pick up a sponsor for the 2008 season means that we will not see the team racing after this year.

It’s a shame to lose a team on such a roll, but it can only be imagined what type of an uphill battle Tailwind Sports had to go through in the search for a new sponsor, especially in light of what happened at this year’s Tour de France.

In other news, the Chicago Cubs, a baseball team that hasn’t won a World Series since 1908, will still be around for the 2008 season.

Ride a bike to win a prize!

Carbon Conscious Consumer Logo

Click on the logo to win a one week bike tour in Oregon, a Breezer Bikes Villager bicycle, or a t-shirt and $200 in carbon offsets. All you have to do is pledge to avoid driving a car one day each week.

Carbon Conscious Consumer (C3) is a national climate campaign sponsored by the Center for a New American Dream that challenges individuals to establish climate-friendly daily habits and inspire their friends to do the same. Click here to make the pledge and enter the contest.

Bicycle projects galore

Since the end of the Tour de France I’ve been catching up on my day job. Here are several bike projects that should keep you busy for a while.

Suicide is no solution

Your horoscope: If you’re feeling down and depressed and want to kill yourself, please don’t use the train. It inconveniences thousands of people and we’re not going to feel too kindly about your problems. Call a friend. If your friends aren’t sympathetic, find new friends. If you can’t find a friend, call a hotline or a mental health help line.

Jumping in front of a train just to make your girlfriend feel sorry for you only proves your ridiculous narcissistic selfishness in your so-called relationship. She doesn’t exist just to serve your needs alone. She is not responsible for your happiness and well-being. Relationships are a two-way street requiring selflessness, sacrifice, and more empathy than your tiny frog brain is capable of.