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What is Cyclelicious about?

Hi, remember me, your long-absent bike blogger?

Since I’m going well over a year between posts now, I should create a table of contents of sorts to help people navigate this website.

My views have evolved over the years and you’ll see this evolution if you scour the archives. Today, I’m driven by the fact that human-caused climate change driven largely by fossil carbon emissions will create hardship and tragedy for a large chunk of the human population. Secondary to this are other problems created by an obsessive emphasis on automotive transportation: deaths, maimings, and economic loss from crashes; and chronic health problems including asthma, obesity, and even dementia.

You’ll find discussion on land use in these pages because land-use decisions are often driven by and, in turn, encourage automotive dependence. You’ll also find discussion on walking and public transportation because the challenges often intersect those of people who ride bicycles. Equity plays a role because, historically in the United States, we’ve ignored the more vulnerable road user because too often that more vulnerable road user is the person of color on the wrong side of the tracks.

These days, you’ll mostly see me touching all of these issues and more on Twitter. If you want the deeper dives, I invite you to study the “Categories” button – you can find this in the left sidebar if you use a PC browser, or towards the bottom of this page on a smaller screened device.

Other popular resources available on this site include: