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Bambike in the Philipines

Filipino-American Bryan Benitez McClelland makes bamboo frame bicycles in Victoria, Laguna, Philippines. Bikes are available as frames and built-up bikes. The Bambike website has a single speed, mountain bike, and beach cruiser model available. They mention duties for USA so I imagine they ship to America.

How to build a bamboo bike

  Michael Mann of Boston University was inspired by the various bamboo bike mentions, but was frustrated he couldn’t find a How To. So he started a blog chronicling the steps he took to build his own bamboo bicycle. In the video he talks about his project and why bamboo is a good choice for read more »

Bamboosero: Building Bamboo Bikes For A Better Future

One of the exhibitors coming to the Shimano North American Handmade Bicycle Show I’m particularly keen to see is Bamboosero, a group of independent bamboo frame builders from throughout the developing world.