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Happy Friday, my friends. Raise your hands if you’re sick and tired of the constant map posts this week. Okay, me too, so let’s move on and talk about other things.

It Girl Meli in San Francisco writes, “We all love Richard” and posts photos of me, my wife and daughter at the SF Bike Expo, along with a cast of thousands.

Clever Cycles and Nutcase Helmet are holding a helmet design contest. Totcycle shows a few of their more “interesting” submissions here. I like “The Combover” the best, I think.

MUNICH, GERMANY - DECEMBER 17: A bicycle stands covered in snow on December 17, 2010 in Munich, Germany. Petra , a low-pressure front moving across Germany, is dumping fresh snow, causing traffic chaos on highways and hampering flight schedules at Frankfurt am Main airport. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Fort Collins, Colorado had a winter bike to work day. Via.

Cycling Embassy of Great Britain. Via Going Going Bike.

Miami bike path uses Metrorail right of way.

A women’s cycling team can be run on 5% of a men’s team budget. Five percent! Via.

Kristin Wentworth blogs about biking to work in the winter in Wisconsin. Oh, and she’s five months pregnant. And here I was griping about a head cold and a little rain this week.

Photo: A triathlon in Oman.

MUSCAT, OMAN - DECEMBER 16: Competitors cycle in the Men's Triathlon event at North Al Hail during day nine of the 2nd Asian Beach Games Muscat 2010 on December 16, 2010 in Muscat, Oman. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

Guardian: Why regulating cyclists is unnecessary and harmful.

Bike Registration: Why bother?

Longmont, Colorado people will get together for a bike tour of holiday lights this Saturday. I think that’s a great idea – anyone else doing something similar?

Sarah Goodyear: New report on state transportation policy shows a long road ahead.

Ventura County gets Coastal Commission go-ahead to widen Highway 101. Only $116 million for that project.

Shimano disposable brifters, and what you might do to rectify that.

League of American Bicyclists (LAB) life member Bill Hoffman resigns from the LAB Board of Directions.

Does anybody else think it’s cool this study was published in the British Medical Journal?

Kent has his common sense response about bike weight and commute times.

Biking Mayors.

MAKE Magazine: Karts and Wheels contest.

Jevon’s Paradox and energy taxes.

Malik Spellman rides a bicycle.

“Bicyclist pulls gun on police officers.”

Finally, I rewrote the bike route map application. You really didn’t think you’d finish the week without me mentioning it, did you?


  1. wheeeeee =)
    hope you have a great holiday break with your family+loved ones Richard.
    dinding off to another awesome bikey new year!!

  2. Hey Richard! Thanks for the shout out about my blog on Women’s Adventure. I’m a big fan of your site and appreciate the link.
    Happy Holidays!!

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