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Charles Ramsey rides a bicycle

The hero of Cleveland tells Anderson Cooper that he rides a bicycle. Charles Ramsey is describing his day before he heard screaming from his neighbor’s home the other day. He had just talked with his neighbor and alleged slave master Ariel Castor and Ariel left for the afternoon. After Ariel left…. I jumped on my read more »

Drivers in the bike lane

I like “Mr. Roadshow,” the traffic issues columnist for the San Jose Mercury-News, because he usually gets it on a number of road issues that deal with cyclists and bike facilities.

D.C. Emancipation Day

Happy Emancipation Day, everybody. For U.S. residents, that’s the reason tax returns are due on Tuesday instead of today. The IRS deferred the tax return deadline in deference to this holiday, which marks the anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s signing of the Compensated Emancipation Act on April 16, 1862. This law ended slavery in D.C., which read more »

2012 Week 1 Roundup

Good morning and Happy Wednesday. What’s happened in the world of biking since the New Year began?

Top stories 2011

Here is my month-by-month recap of bicycle stories that have caught my eye and yours through 2011. I’ll post a few quick quizes later today here at Cyclelicious; first to answer the questions correctly wins a free Kindle download of Keith Snyder’s new collection of bicycle short stories. Reading over this now after I post, read more »

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Trackstand Kim

My photo of Kim Capriotti trackstanding in front of the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas was my most popular photo yesterday on Flickr. Kim’s a professional photographer from Chicago. I think a girl watching site linked to the photo. Bike news and stuff below the fold.