Bikes, respect, and open carry

Rosscott creates “The System” cartoon; he’s also a cyclist and occasionally has a cycling theme in his comic strip.

Robert Heinlein wrote, “An armed society is a polite society.” Rosscott writes in his comic strip, “Respect and reputation are very important. That’s why I wear my bike sniper shirt as much as my laundry schedule will allow.

He is based in Washington DC and mentions this incident in DC where a cyclist reports he was intentionally tapped by an aggressive motorist earlier this week. You might recall this is exactly what DC area sports radio jockey Tony Kornheiser joked about on his show last March.

You can see the whole comic here.

Before I get the nasty letters: I absolutely don’t condone vigilantism or violence. Rosscott is just posting about that stuff to maybe blow off a little steam and for comic effect. You know, just like Tony Kornheiser was just joking around — nobody would ever take him seriously and actually follow through by intentionally hitting cyclists!


  1. Thanks for the article! To clarify, I'm all for obeying the law and getting along, the joke just comes out of the simple truth that bikes don't get any respect on the roadways most of the time. Cars know they got nothing to lose in those situations where bikes and cars clash.

    Btw the bike sniper shirt:

    There's also a pretty heated discussion going on the site / post.

  2. Totally understand. Glad to help foster discussion! The more people talk about it, the better.

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