Robert Paul Schiro arrested for cyclist hit and run

Do you remember Ashley Jackson? She was the cyclist who was run over in the bike lane and left with serious head injuries on the side of the road. The driver of a silver BMW fled the scene. Ashley has nerve damage that keeps her from riding a bicycle on her own.

The Santa Clara Sheriff got their man two weeks ago and arrested Robert Paul Schiro and charged him with felony hit and run, one year to the month after Schiro’s alleged crime. Schiro was arrested at his property management office in Santa Clara.

Schiro was apparently a suspect fairly early on and his silver BMW impounded, but friends and acquaintances of Schiro failed to implicate him when Sheriff deputies interviewed them.

Schiro’s arraigment was Thursday morning. Jackson is also pursuing civil litigation against Schiro.

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  1. What goes around comes around. Schiro the SCUMBAG SHIT HEAD is the owner of PRS Properties in Santa Clara. Over the years, he has been ruthless with his tenants. If they have not been able to pay his exorbitant rents he has gone after them for all they own and forced them into bankruptcy. Ruined many lives. I pray he rots in jail.

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