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Need help with dooring laws in USA

I found 40 states have a law on the books prohibiting opening a car door into moving traffic. I know for a fact Virginia doesn’t have one because they’re debating the issue this week. I can’t find a dooring statute for 9 other states. Before I report this as fact, if you happen to know read more »

Boston bike laws toothless

Does anybody know the legal details of this? Apparently, Boston police can write tickets to cyclists they catch breaking the law, but, according to the Boston Herald, there’s no actual fine or other punishment.

Sunnyvale passes 1st reading bicycle harassment ordinance

IMPORTANT CORRECTION: This ordinance is not yet law — it passed its initial hearing, but a second reading and passage is required before it becomes city law. Thank you to a staffer from the city of Sunnyvale communications office for providing the correction. On Tuesday, the Sunnyvale City Council passed a cyclist anti-harassment ordinance, sponsored read more »

No bike bell? Prepare for a strip search

I’m reading the brief submitted by the American Bar Association to the U.S. Supreme Court regarding Albert Florence’s 4th Amendment lawsuit regarding blanket strip searches. Did you know that in New Jersey, you can be arrested, jailed, and strip searched for riding a bicycle without a bell?

Volagi courts public opinion

It appears Specialized Bicycle’s intellectual property lawsuit against Volagi will be a high profile knockdown dragout as Volagi’s principles use social media to tell their side of the story.

Brown vetoes 3 foot passing law

3 foot passing law – 2012 Update: Senator Lowenthal introduced SB 1464 for 2012. The full Senate votes on 3 foot passing on Thursday, May 24, 2012. California Governor Jerry Brown vetoed SB 910, the legislation which would mandate a minimum three foot distance for motorists passing cyclists when the speed is greater than 15 read more »