Stana Katic rides a bicycle

In today’s “Alternative Travel Project” video, actors Stana Katic and Seamus Dever ride their bikes and talk up how wonderful it feels to ride their bicycles.

Stana Katic on a bicycle

The two stars from the TV show “Castle” pledged to go without a car in Los Angeles for seven days and filmed their experiences for an Alternative Travel Project.

“You’re energized,” says Stana, explaining the exhilaration of active transportation. “You’re doing things. You’re physical mobile. You feel great when you make it in to work.

And here she is smiling like a fool as she takes the lane on that wonderful bike.

Stana Katic taking the lane as she rides her bicycle in Los Angeles

Seamus says cool things too. “It’s a great way to sort of re-explore Los Angeles, to find a new route and a new way of doing things. That’s the fun part for me: the adventure.”

About his Alternate Travel Project, Seamus says he hopes people will see this video and think “Oh, this is possible; I can do this everyday.” Way to go, Seamus and Stana!

Learn more at the Alternative Travel Project.

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