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People of the State of California vs Lane Hogging Cyclist

Cycling lawyer Seth Davidson publishes his (possibly embellished) creative retelling of the trial of the century, in which the 70 to 80 riders on the Big Orange Cycling Club rides begin to eschew the gutter and routinely cycle “down the best bike lane in America: the right-hand lane of” Pacific Coast Highway.

Here’s a view of PCH near the city of Huntington Beach in Orange County, California. I don’t know precisely where the story takes place, but in LA County, California Route 1 is mostly non-shareable 11 foot lanes where I can’t imagine large club rides trying to stay skinny in the gutter.

Pacific Coast  Highway Huntington Beach


All aboard the Los Angeles Bike Train

Bicycle trains offer bike commuters a fun, safer ride to work with regularly scheduled group rides. Ride leaders commit to a regular departure time and route, allowing other commuters to join in.

Bike trains are usually used in the context of biking to school along with walking school buses. Such group riding and walking programs are used by alternative transportation advocates as a way to address parental “stranger danger” fears.

Bike trains are also used in the context of adult commuters. Well-run bike trains are a proven method of encouraging others to ride to school and work by providing a “safety in numbers” benefit. The group activity helps newcomers overcome anxiety on the road.

L.A. Bike Trains in Los Angeles extends the train metaphor by assigning route numbers on regularly schedule rides. “Conductors” lead the rides to various destinations around Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Bike Train routes


Mulholland Highway motorcycle vs bicycle

This one went a little viral in the various bicycle forums on Sunday. A motorcycle rider takes a curve too wide and too fast and plows into a pair of cyclists on the edge of the road. One rider reportedly walked away, the other was taken to the hospital.

The location in this video is known for show offs and stunts. Not that I’ve never done such things as a youth, no sir.

Via numerous sources.

Update: Biking In LA has the gory details and another camera view from a chase rider.

Figueroa & 11th, Los Angeles, California

Today, Figueroa Street in Los Angeles is kind of your typical six lane traffic sewer. As Steve Hymon writes for The (LA Metro) Source:

Figueroa is one of those big, wide Los Angeles streets that resembles a freeway stuffed into the midst of a city. Los Angeles Councilwoman Jan Perry and the city’s Department of Transportation have been pushing efforts to transform Figueroa into something better — and I think it’s already improved somewhat.

Here’s how Figueroa looks today looking north at 11th Street as seen by Google Streetview:

Los Angeles Figueroa Street