Wednesday night

Oh no! I’m getting wet and will catch my death of cold while riding my bike! Bay Area weather forecasters have warned all week of a stormcopalypse, and it appears it’s finally arriving tonight. Bike news in review…

Lawyers shakes his finger at guerrilla bike lane painters. “You could be responsible—legally, financially, and otherwise—for a car hitting one of your fellow cyclists,” he says.

Palin says, “Drill here, drill now!” Or was that Obama? I lose track.

Disco Bike Helmet (Via.

NYC settles Critical Mass case. Via Chicago Bicycle Advocate.

Freaky Penny Farthing.

30 Days of Biking. Via.

On Bikes and Taxes.

Utility Cyclist reviews Shimano Alfine.

For those who saw the “Motolicious” tweet (oops), never mind the man behind the curtain.


  1. It is only with super-hero level self restraint that I do not comment on the details of the guerrilla bike lane post itself or the comments it generated.

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