Sunny with a high of 76°F/24°C today and 79°F/26°C tomorrow, and Jackie Chan is not dead. What else can I say?

Red Beard

The seven stage 2011 Tour of Japan, scheduled to begin May 15th, has been cancelled due to the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster.

Whoa: Stevil Kinevil’s name in Bicycling Magazine?

Charlie Sorrel’s snarky opinion on a bike lock hidden inside of the handelbars: “Possibly More Effective Than String.”

A flowchart showing a day in the life of a cyclist, including some grim humor on the dangerous cycling myth / meme.

Double negative: Houston policy makers promised $12.8 million toward bike projects. City revenues dwindled, and said policy makers pondered taking the money away. Bike advocates came out in large numbers protesting the threatened about-face. Transportation decision makers reneged on their reversal. Remember Dan’s first rule of bicycle advocacy: show up!.


Tucson Bike Lawyer: 99 years in prison after 16 DUIs.

Book review: Bicycle Technology.

Three foot passing law for Edmond, Oklahoma.

Baltimore Sun traffic column schools drivers on right turns across bike lanes.

Can Livestrong stay strong without Armstrong?

I learned earlier this week that actress Anne Francis (Forbidden Planet) passed last January. I met her daughter Jane in Colorado in 2002. Jane’s married to one of my old high school friends, Robert, who spends his days at the Pentagon writing up wonky outer space policy papers. Since Anne Francis has a Bacon number of 2 and I’m two degrees removed from Anne Francis, I guess I have a Bacon number of 4 through her.


  1. I am pleased that Jackie Chan is alive and well. However, the high here tomorrow is 47°F and Friday has a Winter Storm Warning. What is this “Spring” you speak of?

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