1. Wow. Somehow I wouldn’t be surprised if the car driver tries to blame the cyclists. It’s things like this that remind me that driving fast usually has no benefit. It only takes one moment like this to negate a lifetime of saving seconds by speeding.

  2.  I have no sympathy for the driver, but I’m glad he hurt no one else but himself.  Drivers like this fail to realize that they are operating a deadly weapon and don’t give any respect to the amount of damage to people and property they can cause by stupid actions behind the wheel.  This is yet another example of why driver’s licenses should be harder to get and much easier to lose.

  3. I see that there’s a speed limit sign that says 45 MPH. I think some drivers are under the impression that these numbers are arbitrarily defined and it is sometimes okay to ignore the “advice”.

  4. I used to read my brother’s Autoweek magazine subscription. He still sends me links to car blogs. 

    I do have excellent make and model identification skills. This should come in handy should I be in a crash.

  5. Whoa!! It was quite obvious that he was driving the car really fast, more than 45MPH. He must have lost control and may not have anticipated the turn on that side of the road. How was his injury??

  6. Good point. A car is like a deadly weapon; it can prove dangerous when you wield it with such recklessness and disregard. It can harm others, and as shown by the video, it can harm even the driver. Thankfully the cyclist was there to spot and report the accident, and that he was unharmed by the speeding vehicle.

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