Clean Bottle

If you’ve been to many bike events in California, you’ve probably seen Dave, the Clean Bottle guy.

Dave is the owner and inventor of Clean Bottle, and he’s also the guy who dresses up in a big bottle outfit as “Bottle Boy” at bike races all around California.

Dave the Clean Bottle Guy

Dave is super nice and super enthusiastic, and he also has a clever idea in his “Clean Bottle” water bottles. 22 ounce Clean Bottles fit in a standard bicycle bottle cage, and they have screw on lids on both the top and the bottom for much easier cleaning to avoid the grodiness you might find at the bottom of traditional water bottles.

Clean Bottle bicycle water bottle

Find out more about Clean Bottle and buy from Clean Bottles are about $10 each, or four for $30. If your name is Guy Kawasaki, Dave aka “Bottle Boy” will even hand deliver the bottles!

Come out to the Sea Otter Classic beginning on Thursday in Monterey, CA and you can meet Bottle Boy in person!

Disclaimer: I’ve received a handful of Clean Bottles from Dave. Drop me a line if you live in the South Bay or Santa Cruz and would like one of these. First come first serve!.


  1. That goes in the “why didn’t I think of that?” category. Hey, I’ve got a birthday coming up…

    SNork, snork, snork… “are you riding dirty?” That’s harder to do in California, isn’t it?

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