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Pro pandas with the Xshot Deluxe selfie stick and Bluetooth remote

Back at the dawn of time when online photo sharing was brand new, we shot selfies while riding bikes and we called them “panda portraits,” named for this rad woman in Austin, Texas who was known online as “faster panda kill kill.”

Shooting these panda portraits generally involved stretching an arm out while simultaneously pushing a button until some genius invented the selfie stick, such as the XShot Deluxe Selfie Stick with Bluetooth Remote that I’m evaluating now.

Sky pandas like this are easy with the @Xshot deluxe selfie stick with Bluetooth remote.  Watch for a review soon at Cyclelicious. Shot during this morning's #bikecommute in San Jose California. Yes, I realize my helmet is broken; my birthday is Thursday


Stinky jerseys + Win Detergent FTW

Those who follow me on Instagram know I’ve just returned from a road trip to visit family and friends in Colorado, where I managed to also sneak in about a hundred miles of road riding. A 50 mile ride on July 4 around Colorado Springs resulted in bike gear soaked with sweat, which went into a plastic bag before the trip home. I figure sweaty bike shorts, jersey and socks stewing for three days in the trunk of a hot car make a perfect test for my newest sports apparel detergent.

Win Detergent

The short story: WIN Detergent works, and it works well. I’m very impressed with its performance, and at $10.95 for a 32-load bottle, it’s a decent value as well.


How to enable bike mode on Fitbit Surge

Fitbit was at the Sea Otter Classic last weekend handing out their Fitbit Surge “Fitness Superwatch” to media folks. Like their other fitness watches, the Surge monitors your activity during the day to help you achieve your fitness and health goals. Unlike their other watches, however, the Surge includes a GPS receiver. This watch is apparently popular with runners and hikers, but Fitbit wants to see more adoption among cyclists.

Fitbit Surge fitness watch


I’d buy the Bontrager Flare R light again, but I can’t

Watch for my tale of woe below, but here’s the TL;DR summary: the Bontrager Flare R tail light is surprisingly bright even in daylight and a good value for the money. It’s especially great for this time of year in the Northern Hemisphere when the sun is low in the sky even at midday. Bontrager accessories are available at your local Trek dealer or order online from

Bontrager Flare R bright bicycle tail light