Google to build a bridge

“Planetary Ventures,” which is Google’s real estate development arm, has leased 42 acres at NASA Ames to build a company town with 1.2 million square feet of housing and office space. During the Mountain View city council study session tonight, Google will present their proposal for a pair of new, private bridges across Stevens Creek connecting their existing campus to their planned “Bay View” development.

Google plans to replace the existing pedestrian bridge at Crittenden Lane with a newer, larger bridge. They also propose a new bridge off of Charleston. These bridges are intended for pedestrian and bicycle use, with transit, shuttle, service and emergency vehicles also permitted access.

Sorry for the late notice, but this study sessions begins at 4 PM (basically, right now) at City Hall, 500 Castro Street. YOu can also listen to meeting audio online. The question of the day: How private is “private”?

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