Olivia Wilde rides a bicycle

Actress Olivia Wilde rides a bicycle.

Olivia Wilde Bicycle

Olivia Wilde is frequently seen riding her blue Electra Amsterdam bicycle near her home in Santa Monica, California. Ms. Wilde is a favorite of nerds for the role she played in Tron:Legacy as a warrior biker babe isomorphic algorithm. She also stars in the Cowboys & Aliens that opened today.

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Celebrity bike photo administrivia: Many of my celebrities on bikes photos came through a photo agency online service through Picapp. The terms of service required that they serve up the photos. Unfortunately, Picapp ceased operations a couple of months ago, so several dozen celebrity bike photos are no longer available. That’s why you’ll sometimes see text and numbers in place of images where you once saw pictures of famous people riding bicycles when clicking through my collection of celebrities on bikes. I’ll try to find a solution to offer up those missing celebrity bicycle photos again, but so sorry for the borked links in the meantime.

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