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Boris Entrup rides a bicycle

Boris Entrup Oktoberfest bicycle in Munich

German stylist Boris Entrup rides his bike to ‘Fruehstueck bei Tiffany’ (Breakfast At Tiffany’s) at the Tiffany’s store in Munich ahead of the Oktoberfest 2015.

Imagine Dragons ride Bike Friday bicycles

The members of Imagine Dragons saw a video producer rolling around on the Bike Friday Haul-A-Day bicycle and loved it so much they wanted it in their new music video.

Imagine Dragons Shots screencap with Bike Friday Haul-A-Day bicycles

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Leonard Nimoy rode a bicycle

Leonard Nimoy rode a bicycle.

Leonard Nimoy on a bicycle

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Pedals, tacos and Solange rides a bicycle

Gabriel Harris sad cyclist

Reminder: SF Bike Expo is THIS WEEKEND at the Cow Palace.

With so much to be happy about, why does Gabriel look so sad?

Gabriel wanted tacos, but because he biked through the drive-through at Taco Bell, he was denied service, refused to leave when asked to do so, and was eventually arrested. Cheezburger has the scoop.

More important bicycle news below the photo of Solange Knowles and her fiancee Alan Ferguson as they get ready to bike to their wedding in New Orleans, LA.

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Bono rides a bicycle

U2 Bono on a Specialized Bicycle with helmet

U2 frontman Bono crashed while riding his bicycle in New York City’s Central Park, according to his band’s website on Sunday (bloody Sunday?). U2 reports he injured his arm and will need surgery to repair the damage. There’s no word on how his bike fared.

The stock photo shows Bono riding in France some time ago. Bonus points for the first person who can tell me what’s wrong with that picture.

Car Talk’s Tom Magliozzi rode a bicycle

Tom Magliozzi of “Car Talk” fame says he either rode a bicycle or used public transportation to get around his fair city.

Tom Magliozzi Bicycle

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