Toyota’s Toyoda: Gas Is Great

While most Japanese auto execs touted the future of electric cars at the Tokyo Motor Show yesterday, Toyota president Akio Toyoda exclaimed he loves the smell of gasoline and hopes the choking, carcinogenic lung-destroying fumes of the internal combustion engine never become obsolete.

Toyoda also expressed disappointment in today’s generation, who don’t appreciate motor cars like he does. “Young people have little interest in cars as there are much more interesting things, and as an automobile maker, I find this quite frustrating,” he said.

H/T Tokyo By Bike


  1. Sure. Cause we all know companies unwilling to meet needs of their customers do /so well/.

    Guess we won’t see as many Toyota’s in the coming years with that guy in charge.

  2. I, too, love the smell of gasoline…unburnt and fresh out of the pumps. It reminds me of my youth…inhaling the vapors and stumbling around like a zombie 😉

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