Vélo Rated

North American Cycle Chic?

One of my bicycle photos made Rate My Vélo photo of the day today.

Bicycle & little black dress

Toronto bike guy James Schwartz (of “The Urban Country”) began Rate My Vélo in February 2011 to show regular people in regular clothes riding bicycles for transportation. The website mixes Mikael’s Cycle Chic™ style of advocacy with user-contributed content for an interactive user experience.

At a month after launch, he has nearly 400 photos on the site. You click through to vote on photos you like. Those that filter to the top of the list become photo of the day. James has widgets to enable displaying the photo of the day and most popular photos to your own website or blog.

Submitting photos is super easy. The photos must belong to you — that is, you have the right to say they can be republished. The photo must be of a person with a bicycle and showing the bike used for transportation in some way. James moderates the uploads but he isn’t super picky beyond those minimal requirements – he’s depending on site users to vote photos up or down, and he has heuristics to minimize gaming his system.

I shot today’s photo of the day near the big Monopoly game board in San Jose’s Discovery Park in the summer of 2009.

Go to Rate My Vélo, vote, and upload some photos of your own. Beware: Rate My Vélo is bewitchingly addictive.


  1. Richard, I was actually surprised this one made photo of the day. There are a few others that I thought would show up there first. I suppose there is still plenty of time for your other photos to make it to the photo of the day 😉

  2. I personally think this photo is pretty cute, but you’re right there’s good competition on your RateMyVelo site now. Thanks for making that happen!

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