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California Cycle Chic

Two of my photos made Rate My Velo photo of the day over the weekend.

Vélo Rated

North American Cycle Chic? One of my bicycle photos made Rate My Vélo photo of the day today.

1945 cycle chic

Even in 1945, photographers took pictures of women in skirts and dresses on bikes. And even with post-war privation, the women of Paris dressed up for their outings by bike.

Sac Cycle Chic in the news

I met Lorena last year in Sacramento. She’s very nice. Lorena rides a bike around Sacramento and writes Sac Cycle Chic. She locked her bike up at the Davis, CA Amtrak station for a quick coffee run. There’s a Top Secret Rule at the Davis Amtrak Station: You may not lock your bikes up at read more »