Weekend report

It’s been a crazy week for me. The kids began school, and I’ve spent too much time watching the USA Pro Cycling Challenge that will finish up this weekend in Colorado. I even missed my usual Hump Day review, so I’ll make up for it with this weekend update.

Santa Cruz Wildcat race

Chewie wants to tax bikes to fund bike infrastructure projets. Colorado Springs does this already with a bike excise.

Brazil would use traffic fines to fund bike projects.

Cycling worth £3 billion a year to UK economy. That about $5 billion in American money right now. See also the nifty infographic at The City Fix on this topic.

Lawyers who focus on bicyclist rights.

Bike lanes benefit motorists more than you think.

Grist: Minneapolis a rising bike metropolis.

Grist again: Helmet laws impede bike share programs.

Eurobike’s idea of a bike fashion show features lycra and plastic.

How to cheat at Strava.

To all of my East Coast friends: Stay dry and safe! The New York Observer give tips for riding out Hurricane Irene. And Streetfilms wants your post-Irene photos, asking you to look for and document transportation related things: “Are there lots of people on bikes? Are the streets more quiet? Will your city impose HOV requirements on bridges? Will people walk more to get around? Get ready!

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