Contest: Cycle Touring book

Last week I mentioned Andrew and Friedel’s Cycle Touring Survival Guide. This week, they’re giving away a free copy to two lucky winners.

Update: The contest is closed and winners have been selected. has selected “wrycooter” as the comment winner, and @kim_harding as the Twitter winner. Congrats to both of them, and thanks to everybody for participating!

Bike Tour Survival Guide

Andrew and Friedel’s Bike Touring Survival Guide is chock full of practical information for loaded bike touring in North America and around the world. You can win one of two copies of this eBook (available as both a PDF and Kindle-viewable Mobi file) here at Cyclelicious.

Two ways to enter, and you can enter twice!

Winners will be selected at random around 6 PM US Pacific Time on Thursday, May 12 2011. You must respond with a valid email address when I contact the winners so you I can pass it along to Friedel and Andrew for them to fulfill the prize.

While you’re waiting around for me to announce the prize, go browse the Travelling Two website for good bike touring inspiration.


  1. Where wouldn’t I like to tour. But, first I’d like to actually tour Canada. I’ve been across in a car several times, however there’s so many things that I missed because I was in a hurry. Touring several months by bike and picking sites to view would be a great way to see those things we glossed over. If my spouse was up for it I’d tour with her, if not then I think I’d really like to do it by myself.

  2. I’d like a copy! I want to start touring by visiting some of the state parks in California. Eventually I want to see China from the saddle!

  3. I’d love to tour with my buddy Root. Start out in Texas, head West, hit the coast and go right on up to Alaska. That would be an amazing journey. Also, big up to Andrew and Friedel, nice little giveaway they got going here. Much appreciated. 🙂

  4. Wow, all great tour ideas. Only problem is that we want to go on all of them as well! Our next dream (there are many), is to take 3 months and ride the entire Great Divide mountain bike route from Alberta to the Mexican border. Good luck everyone with the contest!

  5. After watching photos from a bicycle tour across South America, I can’t stop dreaming about cycling there, especially in Patagonia. But why not go further all the way to Alaska? From there, it’s just too close to Japan to miss it. And being already in Asia, it’d be a pity to skip the other wonderful countries. From the south-east I could also jump to Australia and New Zealand… yes, such a trip would do:D
    And with whom? With someone not afraid of ants to help me scare them away! 🙂

  6. I’d like to tour all the Flemish breweries in Belgium. My travel companion/translator: Miss Belgium 🙂

  7. I’d love to ride the Eurovelo 6, 4,000k from the Atlantic to the Black Sea, with my husband Fred (because he carries the tent and waits for me when I’m slow)

  8. Oooooh, we want to do this too! It’s on our list for this summer. Well, maybe not ALL the breweries, but many of them.

  9. This year I and my friends go to Peru. We want to go all around the Titicaca lake. It means 850 km all above 3800 m a.s.l. More information:
    The route on the map there will be changed – we decided not to have a holidays, but a great adventurous expedition 🙂
    Who am I going with – here you can find the answer 🙂

  10. I would like to have the time to tour all the provinces of the Netherlands with my wife. We’re doing bits and pieces but have only cycled in 3 provinces so far.

  11. I’d like to tour Southern Utah and the Grand Canyon area. Perhaps taking a day or two for some mountain biking on the slick rock area around Moab. I would love to tour with my wife of 20 years. She talks about it a lot but has never done it. Thanks.

  12. Hey there, I’m about to graduate from Tufts University, and to celebrate I’m planning on a European bike tour this summer, from Amsterdam to Barcelona. My girlfriend and I have plane tickets, bicycles, and a blog about our training (, but very little idea about our actual route yet.

    This would probably help us out a lot! So yes, this would be great.
    Thanks, Diego (

  13. Hi Diego, if you’re coming through The Hague (about 50km from Amsterdam), then you’re welcome to come stay with us for a night. Just get in touch via our website. We have a room that is dedicated to bike tourists in the summer.

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