Amanda Bynes rode a bicycle

Back before she began drinking and driving, a young Amanda Bynes starred in a helmet promotion advertisement cleverly disguised as a bike safety public service announcement.

Amanda Bynes bicycle helmet

The ad features a young Bynes riding around the Nickelodeon backlot, where the bike helmet saves her from disaster.

These days, Bynes talks on her mobile phone while driving and hits police cars while driving under the influence. She’s recently been charged in two separate hit-and-runs. And now, Amanda has been caught smoking pot while illegally driving on a suspended license.

Maybe it’s time for the starlet to take up biking again?


  1. …cars aren’t evil, mr dyer…while motor vehicles do have major faults, the clownshows allowed behind the wheel are the real problem…
    …& this chick is working on upstaging linsey lohan it seems…

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