Hump Day Roundup

Sarcasm from Kent Peterson: He goes car shopping.

More stuff below the photo of me sharing the road in Santa Cruz County.

Stanford Grad

California’s environmental laws are used more frequently in lawsuits to stop the construction of bicycle facilities such as bike lanes, bike paths and even bike parking racks. Planetizen discusses this in more detail and how AB 2245, a bill which will exempt bike lanes from the CA Environmental Quality Act, will deprize bike lane opponents of this legal tool.

College Fashion answers a reader question: What Are Some Bike-Friendly Fashions for Different Types of Weather?

iOS app released today: bicycle gear calculator.

Will Maryland join Capital Bike Share?

Design: A nine dollar cardboard bike.

Expandable helmet for those of you with odd shaped heads.

The Wandertec Tuba is dead. Long live the Tuba!

Southern California bike events listed at LA Wheelmen.

An Iowa town considers a mandatory sidepath law.

San Jose woman studying in Arizona killed by scofflaw hit-and-run driver. RIP Jordan Murphy-Mahoney and condolences to her friends and family.

Some thief steals Kirsten Armstrong’s gold medal bicycle.

Lifehacker on the proper way to lock your bike. I mostly run a mini U through rear wheel and seat tube these days.

Bike safety tips from the NYPD New York’s Psycho Cyclists.

Interbike begins next week, can you believe that?

Sarcasm on bike licenses at Grist by Jim Meyer.

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