Car free downtown Redwood City THIS AFTERNOON

President Barack Obama’s visit to the Fox Theater in downtown Redwood City, California could mean an impromptou Open Streets Event for you as the Secret Service will close several downtown streets but leave many open for pedestrians and (probably) bikes.

Here’s the map of street closures as published by the Redwood City police this morning. Green shows streets that will close to motor vehicle traffic at 3 PM this afternoon. Red shows the streets that will be closed to pedestrian traffic (except for those holding tickets to the event). You might even catch a glimpse of Mr President. I didn’t mark it, but the west side of Theater Way (the side along the Fox Theater and, incidentally, the side with the bicycle racks) will be closed to pedestrian traffic too; the east side of Theater Way along the Century 21 movie theater will remain open to pedestrians.

View Redwood City Obama visit street closures 5/24/2012 in a larger map

I strongly advise against any kind of jokes or pranks that can be construed as a threat against the President or the United States — the Secret Service does not kid around about this kind of stuff.

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