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Redwood City to discuss downtown parking tonight

When municipal leaders talk about parking in downtown business districts, the dialogue usually goes something like this: Merchant Association: We need parking garages! And time limits on street parking! Shoppers: We support downtown, but there’s no parking! Downtown workers: There’s no parking, and I’m tired of skipping out every two hours to move my car! read more »

Redwood City police: 14 year old cyclist at fault in fatal right hook

You might remember Leyla Beban, the 14 year old girl who was killed while riding to school on Jefferson Avenue, Redwood City, California last November.

Redwood City fatal bike collision site of traffic calming proposal

March 22 2013 Update: Redwood City Police determine driver not at fault in this fatal right hook. The scope of the Farm Hill Boulevard traffic calming proposal in Redwood City, California just happens to include the corner of Jefferson Avenue and Alameda De Las Pulgas, where the driver of a pickup truck apparently made a read more »

Car free downtown Redwood City THIS AFTERNOON

President Barack Obama’s visit to the Fox Theater in downtown Redwood City, California could mean an impromptou Open Streets Event for you as the Secret Service will close several downtown streets but leave many open for pedestrians and (probably) bikes.

Redwood City bike share kiosks

Redwood City is the lone San Mateo County location for the Bay Area bike share experiment slated to open for business on July 1, 2012.