Case in point

41-year-old Solaiman Nuri and his daughters Hannah, 12, and Hadessa, age 9, were riding their bikes on the sidewalk along Treat Boulevard in Concord, CA last Saturday when tragedy struck.

17-year-old David Rosen was driving at recklessly and at a high speed, according to witnesses, when he lost control and flipped his SUV several times into the Nuri family. Nine year old Hadessa and her father were killed. The driver was arrested and charged with manslaughter.

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I’m told that parents in Contra Costa County are now afraid to let their children ride bikes in the aftermath of this crash.



  1. If, instead, the SUV had flipped several times before killing some children selling Girl Scout Cookies, would these same parents be afraid to let their children eat sugary things sold at grocery stores?

  2. Apparently so. Such events are hardly worth more than a brief mention on local news television…

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