*CSP for aggressive driving

The Colorado State Patrol has a couple of special cellular phone numbers reserved to report violations of state law. One of them is *CSP (*277) for aggressive driving.

Could these cyclists have used this number to report this doofus behind the wheel (a Ford Explorer with Colorado plates 893-EKG) in Longmont, Colorado?

The cyclist who posted the video reports this driver stayed behind them cycling slowly for five minutes in spite of long clear sight lines and plenty of passing room. Other drivers passed the Ford to get around it.

The poster says the Colorado State Patrol apparently has received numerous reports on this driver, an older white male.

Via Murph, who grew up near there. I also used to ride those roads when I lived in Longmont.


  1. Clearly, riding the fog line didn’t help here. IMO, it mostly isn’t about the cyclist, so why not simply ride where the merely inattentive would see what is going on? The motorist in the video would have been offended by anyone.

  2. My partner and I were talking about how loud the sounds of cars and trucks are on the road and how they can do some damage on your ears if you’re on a bicycle in traffic for long stretches of time. This is definitely an example of that!

  3. Wow. That’s crazy. I hope you’ll post some follow up. In CA all that honking alone would warrant a ticket.

  4. …absolutely insane, especially in light of how open that road was…

    …that driver needs to be tested for basic competency…

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