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Colorado Bike Winter Challenge

Your challenge as a cyclist from now through March 31 — commute by bike at least 52 times. If you succeed, you may attend the Icy Bike Gala.

*CSP for aggressive driving

The Colorado State Patrol has a couple of special cellular phone numbers reserved to report violations of state law. One of them is *CSP (*277) for aggressive driving. Could these cyclists have used this number to report this doofus behind the wheel (a Ford Explorer with Colorado plates 893-EKG) in Longmont, Colorado?

NAHBS 2013 Denver details

The deals are done and the contracts signed. All systems are Go for NAHBS 2013.

Colorado Supreme Court to hear bike ban case

The Colorado Supreme Court has agreed to consider the Black Hawk Bike Ban issue.

Boulder Cycle Chic

Boulder Cycle Chic features photos of laid back townies and students on their bikes in the perpetually sunny Colorado Front Range hippie town of Boulder. Photo by Zane Selvans in Boulder (even though this one was shot in Fort Collins). H/T to Carl in Longmont.

Captain Cutthroat rides a bike

Ameristar owns eight casinos, including one in Black Hawk, Colorado where bike riding (in pirate outfits or not) is banned. Bicycle Colorado has taken Black Hawk’s bike ban to the state Supreme Court. Via a comment from Chris Chaney.