New bike maps for New York City, Arlington VA

Arlington County, Virginia and New York City have published new, 2012 editions of their bicycle maps.

Besides the usual bike paths and bike lane, Arlington County’s bike map shows the location of the three dozen Capital Bikeshare stations and even highlights public restrooms and drinking fountains. The maps also shows bike accessible routes across the Potomac into the District. You can download the digital map or order a paper copy from Arlington County Commuter Services.

New York City’s 2012 cycling map shows protected bike paths, bike lanes, and bike routes, along with subway, commuter rail and ferry routes and stations. Along with the usual collection of safety rules, New York’s bike map lists transit tips and hours when bikes are allowed on the various transit systems. PDF downloads (the main map is huge) and ordering information for a paper copy listed at NYC DOT.

Via Commuter Page Blog and Streetsblog.

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