Raleigh Tripper (featuring the ‘shopped disembodied hand)

Raleigh showed off their new “Tripper” urban bike at Sea Otter last weekend. Mitch’s disembodied hand does not come with the bike.

The Tripper uses same CrMo steel frame used on Raleigh’s Roper and Furley cyclocross bikes. Eccentric bottom bracket and disc tabs gives Raleigh the design flexibility to spec this bike as a 3 speed flat bar urban commuter with mechanical disc brakes.

Raleigh Tripper

It’s your basic, utilitarian bike. Add fenders, lights and maybe a rack and it’s perfect for the commute and even a little off-road adventuring as well. This bike was assembled just before the show so this isn’t necessarily the final spec before product launch in July.

Raleigh Tripper

Raleigh Tripper build

Raleigh Tripper build

Shimano mechanical Disc on 2013 Raleigh Tripper bicycle


  1. It it an eccentric bottom bracket, or an eccentric bottom bracket shell in the frame?
    I’ve been looking for en eccentric bottom bracket to put in a regular shell so I can ditch the tensioner on my commuter.

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