Specialized Globe Source Eleven

Specialized now sells the ‘multitasking’ Source Eleven for commuting and touring.

Specialized Source Eleven

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Bellwether Panniers


I spotted these old Bellwether panniers on the Ellen Fletcher Bike Boulevard in Palo Alto, California last week.

Bellwether Panniers

The rider (I want to write “Paul” but I don’t remember for sure) told me his dad bought these panniers back during the late 20th Century Bike Boom of the 1970s. It’s good to see them still in use like this.

Today, Bellwether is a brand of cycling apparel like shorts, tights, jackets and gloves.

SF Bay Area bike commuters of the year

Each, the San Francisco Bay Area Metropolitan Transportation Commission selects a bike commuter of the year from each of the nine counties in the Bay Area. For San Francisco County, the winner is your friend and mine, John Murphy.

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