Walk & Roll Central Florida

For several years, Jody Lazar and other parents have run a “Walk & Roll” program for their elementary and middle school children in Maitland, Florida (north of Orlando, FL).

Walk & Roll was inspired by the earlier “Walking School Bus” paradigm, which overcomes many parents’ safety fears with convoys of children and parents walking or riding together to and from school. Walk & Roll adds to the Walking School Bus with motivational goodies for the children. I’ve seen for myself a tremendous decline in the morning “drop-off” traffic at schools that successfully implement Walk & Roll type programs.

This video highlights the benefits of Walk & Roll and how parents, school teachers, administrators, and town officials can work together to create a successful Walk & Roll program. Some of the highlights

  • School districts can save money on school bus transportation costs if they instead can work with their local governments to instead invest in “Complete Streets” so children can safety walk or bike to school from their homes.
  • School districts might save on costs through consolidation, but this consolidation increases the impact for everybody else through higher transportation costs, either borne out to the district with more busing, or to parents who feel forced to drive their kids to school.
  • School siting matters. Locating the school on cheap farmland on the edge of town away from neighborhoods means students often need to cross busy arterials and highways.

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