Santa Cruz Police: 396 bikes stolen in 2011

Lock your bike, Bro.

Santa Cruz Police report that 396 bikes were stolen last year, a sharp increase over previous years when 213 bike thefts were reported in 2010 and 177 in 2009.

Bike registration, which is required for city residents, costs $3 and can aid in the return of your property. Santa Cruz police check their records if they see bike registration on a recovered bike.


  • mark Sauerwald
    January 6, 2012 - 11:50 am | Permalink

    Does Santa Cruz have any statistics on the rate of recovery for stolen bikes which are/are not registered?   I had a bike stolen days after registering it, and found that the police were far less interested in hearing about the theft than they had been about my unregistered bike a week earlier. 

  • January 6, 2012 - 12:04 pm | Permalink

    That’s a huge increase. I’d also add when you do lock your bike, lock the frame and wheel to something secure – not just one or the other!

  • January 6, 2012 - 12:40 pm | Permalink

    @Mark: I’ve been meaning to ask the same question. Was your bike in Santa Cruz?

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