SWSS: Single Witness Suicide Swerve

You’ve heard the story: In a bike vs motor vehicle crash where the only statement given to police came from the driver (because the cyclist is either dead, carted off in an ambulance, or is blatantly ignored), the driver will swear up and down that the cyclist swerved directly in front of him!

Photo of what this looks like below, but I’ll warn you, it’s not pretty.

Single Witness Suicide Swerve SWSS

For more examples of poor infrastructure design leading to crashes like this, see Building Safety Awareness.

5 thoughts on “SWSS: Single Witness Suicide Swerve”

  1. If that’s a real pic, how did he even do that. If he was driving on the sidewalk the angle is wrong. The only thing I can think of is he backed up to the store to load the truck and flored it into the post. But even then I wouldn’t think you could get enough energy to do that amount of damage.

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