Road rage hit & run arrest in Santa Rosa

Cyclist in Santa Rosa, CA was nearly hit by a man in a Volvo when things escalated.

The cyclist yelled at the driver, Matthew Dewayne Hamilton, 22, of Santa Rosa, [Santa Rosa Police Sgt. Mike] Lazzarini said. Hamilton apparantly threw the car into reverse to go back and confront the man, but in the process ran him over, Lazzarini said.

More in the Press-Democrat: Man arrested, cyclist injured in Santa Rosa road-rage incident. Volvo seems to encourage exactly this kind of behavior with advertising that disguises aggression to other road users under the guise of cute.

The city of Santa Rosa passed a cyclist harassment law earlier this month, but it doesn’t take effect until August 10. The council passed the law on the same day 82 year old Santa Rosa resident Harry Edward Smith was sentenced for felony hit-and-run and assault with a deadly weapon after Smith chased a cyclist and ran him down as the cyclist fled for his life on a golf course path. Smith was sentenced essentially to house arrest at a nursing home.

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  1. Dont let him get away with it cmon he threw his car in reverse im sure it wasnt to shake his hand and then fled the scene regaurdless he ran over him cmon what was he thinking throwing it in reverse 22was he under the influence liquid courage plane and simple road rage wasnt to go and confront him reckless driving and then left the scene left the guy for dead for all he knew scared or not you dont leave someone knowing you might have hurt them you call for help you dont leave them no excuse if able to drive then able to pay the consequence of his actions hit the guy and then fled the scene wrong just wrong he obviously had intentions the second he threw it in reverse

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