South Bay and Santa Cruz traffic news

The Santa Cruz cyclist who was killed by a reckless driver last Saturday has been identified as musician and librarian Josh Alper. My condolences to his friends and loved ones, of which he apparently had many.

Stanley Roberts (the “People Behaving Badly” guy) observes California stops in Santa Clara, California.

Mr. Roadshow: San Jose’s first green bike lanes have ruined Hedding Street, according to whining, sanctimonious entitled motorists. This came in response to the outrage after a motorist was ticketed for driving in the bike lane on Hedding Street.

Santa Cruz Street Smarts: a reader suggests flags and better flashing lights for pedestrian crossings on Mission Street. And: “[Santa Cruz transportation manager Jim Burr] says it is up to pedestrians to look out for their own safety while crossing streets.”

This is far afield from the San Francisco Bay Area, but too astounding not to share: Driver steers her BMW into a Fatburger restaurant in Vancouver BC, seriously injuring four police officers eating inside. Perhaps restaurants should wave safety flags and take responsibility for their own safety.

Another fun Mr Roadshow column in which reader Art Bernstein asks which laws San Jose motorcycle cops are enforcing in downtown San Jose because “I would like to avoid their fate.” Mr Roadshow informs his reader, “Cops have been working distracted driving enforcement, such as texting and talking on cellphones while driving. They were also focusing on drivers not wearing seat belts and making right turns on a red light without stopping.” Kudos to SJPD – I frequently see law-breaking scofflaws behaving dangerously at that turn from Highway 87 to Santa Clara Street.

See more area transportation headlines at Streetsblog SF.


  1. The ticket on Hedding was apparently for exceeding the 200 foot rule in 21209 when preparing to turn right. They were required to enter the bike lane before turning (21717), but they did it too soon.

  2. Regarding what laws SJPD are enforcing, I was actually just ticketed on my bicycle last week for running a red light that was about to change. I wonder where Officer Hates-Bikes was the hundreds of times I have been obeying the law and nearly killed by cars driving recklessly down Oakland Road (where I was ticketed).

    Though I did not impede the movement of any cars I received a ticket (rightly so having broken a law, though the severity is debatable given it is the same infraction for bikes as for cars). Ironically, the bicyclist who passed me today going down the wrong side of the road, splitting lanes, impeded countless cars in the same area where I got my ticket received nothing other than a warning from me about ticketing and his safety (no helmet).

    Having done more research on the California vehicle code the section regarding red light violations is 100% about cars and makes no mention of bikes, so perhaps I have a chance to fight the fine and get it reduced.

    Bicyclists, be mindful to follow all laws or risk the same expensive tickets that plague cars (and losing points on your license to boot).

  3. In many states tickets on bicycles don’t apply points to your license. I do agree that the severity of a cyclist running a light is not the same as a motorist.

    Remember impeding motorists isn’t a crime. It is called “traffic”. If a motorist has to slow down or stop to allow me to make a right turn or whatever, it is just traffic. It isn’t the cyclists fault. Traffic sucks, but cyclists can be packed more densely than cars. Cyclists are actually helping relieve traffic, it isn’t fair to wish they took up zero space and were permeable as well.

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